Artur Kiulian


Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Partner at @Colab_LA, Leader at

Hey guys, I'm a founder of Chrono (obsessed with planning and time tracking)
Feel free to shoot me any questions you have ;)
We combine the data you input with the data from your device and connected accounts (location, emails), the app learns on your behavior and patterns so eventually you will have to fill out very small portion of your "clock" or only adjust your plans.
@alexbeletsky Hey Alex, there are A LOT of calendars and time tracking apps but I haven't found any that combine both time management and time tracking. You can either plan your day in calendar or track time in task tracking systems, you can't really do both. And a huge differentiator is that Chrono is designed for multitaskers that do many things at once, so you can plan/track multiple activities at the same time and get a great view of where your time actually goes during the day/week/month.
@VasVaskul oh yes, definitely! just right after we validate the initial ios app ;)
Hey Vas, how does it work? does it cache files locally on my computer or does it save links to those? which apps do you support?
Hey. Thanks for the question @arturkiulian.
The extension save a direct link to .mp3 file to your personal podcast feed. You can subscribe to the feed using any podcast app you like.
Nice, will definitely use this, when will it be available?
Thanks @arturkiulian! We are planning to focus right now on beta testing (and you are welcome to test it), but hopefully it will be available at App Store by the end of the year.
Excited to share our beta test launch with Betalist community, I'm here to answer any of your questions today ;)
@arturkiulian Love the app! How would I pitch a story?
@Serge_Efap Thanks! Swipe right on the home screen and fill out the story with your own video ;)
@Serge_Efap Thanks! Swipe right on the home screen and fill out the story with your own video ;)
@bryan_fein invite your friends first and then you will be able to search for them within the app ;)