Mark Walters


Founder Eggplanned & Freelance Illustrator

Hey everyone,

Thanks for taking a look at my very first creation!

My name is Mark and I’m an illustrator, but a few years ago I taught myself to program, because I needed an app to better deal with my ADHD and nothing really seemed to work for me. I quickly forgot important things and when I would remember, I had to write them down in an instant, somewhere...

But here’s the problem. If you’re chaotic like me, everything is a mess and finding a pen, paper or that one tab, is often too mind-consuming to make you forget at least one important task.

That’s why I made Eggplanned. By using your own hotkey, the app will always instantly appear and you’ll be able to empty your mind in an instant by simply starting to type and hitting enter. Much like a notepad.

Eggplanned also keeps it very simple. No overwhelming grid views, no unnecessarily buttons and no complicated menus. A clear design helps with keeping a clear mind.

Here are the best features currently in app:

- Quickly open and add (hotkey)
- Manage custom lists
- Plan (week view and calendar)
- Recurring tasks (dailies, weeklies, ...)
- Labels (those colored tags)
- Pins (see gallery)
- On- and offline

There is still a lot I’d like to improve and add, but I’m hoping to get some early feedback.

Let me know what you think!
@ArunadayB Thanks! Man, I really hope so. Would be great if it turns out useful for a lot of people. Still got a lot to figure out, so it might take a while before I start collaborating / hiring though ;)