Hello! My name is Arek and I'm a founder of this project.

As you see, there was very simple cover page published on our website, with simple features description ... because this product it will be simple ;-)

Today I'll publish some more screens, to show you purchase flow based on one of the popular products to buy -> t-shirts. This is something we were working hard, to provide smooth flow for your customer.

We have prepared dedicated Twitter account for simplePOS (https://twitter.com/simplePOSio). Please follow us to get updates, ask questions and maybe (I hope) send some suggestions in future.

Of course, I'm ready here to answer your questions.
@merchletter thank you. With my team, we want to offer beta access in 1 month - initially on Polish market where we operate daily, to give best support in working hours. Beta means fully working order and payment process. Depending on first reviews, we will start to implement other (global) payment gateways.
There is no information for what I'm paying $5, but it looks like an Service with monthly(?) fee. I'd prefer to pay once for an app and then define own URL to fetch data from.
@arekpietrzyk The site states that it is a $5 one time fee and is "unlimited." Otherwise it's a 14 day trial.
@ozgrozer $5 is a good price for someone's idea and work on this simple but useful project.