Andrew Hollar


Thanks so much for featuring Fig! I started Fig after I developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) from a trip to Mexico in 2014. The treatment for IBS is a Low FODMAP diet. Following this diet helped my symptoms tremendously; unfortunately, you have to limit or avoid more than 500 ingredients on a low FODMAP diet. It made grocery shopping and meal planning ridiculously difficult. That's why we built Fig: to make life with dietary restrictions easier for the 60% of the world who lives with them. It's a continual work in progress but we're committed to getting it right 🤩

What is Fig?

Fig is the easiest way to navigate complex dietary restrictions. Tell Fig your dietary needs and Fig will show you thousands of foods that fit all your needs at grocery stores and restaurants.

Who built Fig?

Fig is built by a team of dietitians and people who live with dietary restrictions themselves?

What is the best FODMAP app?

Fig is the best FODMAP app. It was built by dietitians trained specifically in FODMAPs and IBS. Fig is also the best IBS app. I'm of course biased, but our entire team is committed to making Fig as accurate and easy to use as possible. It took me years to find relief through food. I want others to find relief faster - and my way of doing that is through Fig 😊