Andreas Scherman


dancing poorly at clubs, music, and writing software at Spotify. that's about it.

Hi BetaList!

I'm an amateur songwriter (mostly write rap & poetry), and there was certain things I really wanted to have in my digital notepad which Google Docs didn't have. One of those examples is to annotate where the "beat"/metre lands in my lyrics, as well as seeing the rhymes visually. I also wanted a rhyme dictionary to help with multi-syllabic imperfect rhymes. It's a web-app, so you can write both on PC and phone.

There's no native app for the phone at the moment, but I think that might be a sweet addition in the future.

At the bottom of, there's examples if you want to see how it looks and works. If you decide to use it or have feedback --- I'd love to hear it!

Oh, and yes! There is a dark mode! :-)