"Мир держится на слонах, слоны на черепахе, черепаха на скотче"

Hi guys! I am the author of this project. My wardrobe is full but I always have nothing to wear:)

All the women understand this problem. But if you are a guy and your girlfriend complains that she always has nothing to wear then this text is for you too! :)

I had to go every day to the office and I'm tired to figure out how else I can combine my clothes. I tried to write down all the possible combinations of my clothing in the table. When I started doing this I found a THOUSANDS combinations! It is difficult to calculate it manually. Then I designed a program to do it automatically. I just add dress photos and the app shows all the possible combinations.

Please feel free to ask me any questions and any suggestions are welcome!
Hi! I like it a lot! The questions are really deep and important. I also like this simple and clear UI/UX. There is one thing: besides the Skip button I would like to have Back button to revisit previous question.
@anasta_mova thank you so much for checking out müse. Love that idea to be able to go back :). I will work on that soon. Please let me know if you have any other ideas or questions.
By the way on the landing page you can enter the amount of your things and see how many combinations you can make of them.