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Productivity app for procrastinators. Just want to help you get your stuff done. #procrastination

@marckohlbrugge Each strategy is unique and we are always adding more. For each strategy there is a description and video of how it works. It always adds some kind of feature to the regular interface. :)

If the "reward yourself" strategy is turned on there is a little gift icon that appears next to the task input bar. You can then make a reward task and press the gift icon to mark it as a reward: eg. "Watch an episode of XYZ", "Eat a snack" etc. And you then place the reward task after all the tasks you need to complete before you get the reward. In the interface the reward task has a rainbow border on top so you can see easily when a reward is coming up.

Of course, people can reward themselves without having a specific feature for it but implementing it like this makes it more real and the whole action becomes more conscious. Knowing productivity strategies is relatively easy but actually implementing the in your daily workflow is usually the hard part.