Aljaz Fajmut


Internet Entrepreneur, Founder of


I'm Aljaz, co-founder and CEO at RankTrackr.

We would like to invite you to Nightwatch – a search visibility tracker of the next generation. We also like to call it a swiss army knife for those who are looking for a multi-functional search engine performance tracker of an enterprise level.

Its core incentive lies in the experience we have gathered through years of working with some of the most experienced SEO experts and growth specialists. Nightwatch strives to dissolve limitations of existing platforms that lack in flexibility and adjustability when tracking and analyzing big data sets.

We prepared a special deal for all users who sign up for a beta access through Betalist: everyone will get a free beta account and a special discount once we are ready to launch it to the public.

Sign up now - it's time to get better insights into your site's SEO. :)

Looking forward to all the questions,

Aljaz Fajmut