Peter Akarakiri


Software Engineer

Hello, it’s great to connect to the BetaList community. I’m the founder of Arabellsoft and I can’t wait to answer your questions and comments.

Arabellsoft Workflow was created to solve the issue of using pen & paper for inspection reports. We don’t like photocopying and duplicating report checklist paper templates for every customer. We hate PDF editing, flattening and going through that cycle multiple times. We virtually eliminate the need for storing unnecessary files in filing cabinets saving you money.

You can use it to create reports for fire extinguishers, fire alarms, kitchens, sprinklers and emergency lightings.

You get the following benefits:
- Get all the information you need from your crew right away instead of waiting until the end of the week for them to bring it in.
- Customer can be emailed copy of the paperwork immediately. This way you invoice and get paid faster.
- Customers can sign the inspection report to demonstrate compliance.

Visit to try it. I can’t wait to hear your feedback and the impact on your inspection workflow.