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A no-brainer if you're serious about your website design
Tried to signup for a beta and got some cryptic 'error due to platform changes' error message :-/
@akabalabanov Hi Alex, sorry about that, but Facebook has temporarily suspended all 3rd party app logins (including Messengerify) due to their upcoming changes in privacy policies. We expect them to remove these temporary restrictions in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I can ping you back soon with an update.
@akabalabanov The gate is open! Facebook restrictions have been lifted 🎉We will be rolling out Messengerify to select private beta customers this week!
How is the HIPAA compliance ensured?
@akabalabanov great question!

Through a myriad of design / infrastructure / architecture implementations and processes (e.g. encrypting, securing and keeping private any health information).

Check out this article to get a better idea what this involves:
I don't follow how I can use the promo code, any advice?