António Almeida


I do WordPress websites and all related marketing stuff to help my clients to get more leads and sales for their businesses. I love House, Techno, and Ibiza. :)

Hey Miguel! Projecto porreiro :) and great copy curated sites. Maybe you should disable the newsletter popup to show only one time for each user session. Ux visiting each of the curated sites and coming back to your site is a pita because the popup is always poping, especially on mobile.
Newbie question: is dynimizer useful for cpanel hosting environments to speedup MySQL processes? Thanks.
@ajoscoa yes it can be. Just note that you will have to install and control Dynimizer from the command line.
This seems similar to unless (previous instant). Even the icon logo is the same. Is this a spinoff?
@ajoscoa Thanks for the great question, António. In fact, Sirza and Unless are the same product. We applied for BetaList a few weeks ago under the name "Sirza". In the meantime, we managed to score the domain "" and decided to rebrand. Unfortunately, we couldn't change the name on BetaList anymore.
Great extension but I couldn't figure out the paste process. What is "option"? I'm with windows. Thanks, Antonio
check your link. it goes to https and is not working right.
@ajoscoa Thanks for letting us know Antonio! On the phone with my developer as we speak!
Nice app. Similar to mindly. The percentage feature is a good one.