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Lau, thanks for the feedback and reaching out! That's a very innovative idea you've come up with! Programmatically it would be simple enough to implement, however, there are questions regarding the regulatory side/need to notify users before accessing their clipboard info, etc. Typically, cross promotion mobile ad networks utilize geo IP as well as app categories to provide targeting options for users, while traditional ad networks also incorporate browser cookies/history/etc. It seems like the ideal network for a service like you suggested would utilize product and service ads (not just apps), as a wide array of ads/keywords would be more effective. At this time we're focusing on an exclusive cross promotion app ad network, where all ads are for other developers mobile apps. However, as we expand in the future we will keep this strategy in mind. Thanks again for reaching out to us! We hope AdSwirl can help you launch and market your app by using our "More Page" feature and full-page ads to gain traction. If you have any additional questions, please let us know. Best of luck!