_absyah_ converts any databases to API ❄️ #MakerIndonesia 🏅 #RamadanMakers 🏅

Cool and useful site. I don't have to do math anymore. It weights me to change and migrate my payment processor. Thanks!
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Seems BetaList parsed it as italic :disappointed:
Hi BetaList community, this is me again, Ardian from Apisentris.

About ~10 month ago I bootstrapped and launched this side project on BetaList. Today it is featured for the second time

Today I'd like to relaunch Apisentris with many improvements and new features based on our user requests. Here is the key features in today launch (in the nutshell):

- Supports MongoDB
- Supports PostgreSQL
- Supports Google BigQuery
- Multiple database connections is now available, you can create APIs from different databases in one account
- Custom query is now possible as well
- Built-in user authentication API with JSON Web Token (JWT) that you love
- Some more built-in API endpoints, check out the doc:

That's the point.

Now it is your turn to convert your databases to RESTful API! No coding required, no setup required, for free!

Thank you so much!

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@MusharofChy Thanks for the question.. it is kind of NDA but I can tell one of our customer is using Apisentris as their data warehouse "bridge". Some others are using it as their web service for their mobile apps and for learning API purposes