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Founder of airTeam. We're a group of startup growth specialists working with the hottest startups on ๐ŸŒ Pay for performance, not BS.

Your register page doesn't work! :(
@_Matt_Bell Thanks for reporting that! Please email me to [email protected] - I'll give a special discount!
This is such a great idea. My thoughts are that startups/consultants could massively benefit from this, by using a simple tool to schedule calls and get paid?!
Can't wait to try this, sometimes I'm too busy to post to Twitter and Instagram... being able to do two in one is a game changer for me :D
Do you ever plan to use some kind of Chatbot functionality to pre answer tickets? I know a couple of support platforms are starting to offer this - couldn't find anything similar on your site.

I think the pricing is relatively cheap too - will this ever increase?
@_Matt_Bell Our longterm focus is to automate most customers' questions and let people work on tickets that only humans could handle. We already have ChatBot ( in our suite so we know how to do it.

As for pricing - we will probably offer more plans as we grow.
I love the idea, site looks great! I'm keen to know how you hire content marketers, who are they? I've always struggled to find good content writers who are reliable, and that's why I want to know how you work.
@_Matt_Bell We're using ContentFly's freelance writers for content creation and our in-house marketers are doing the competitor analysis, keywords, topics generation and putting together briefs for the writers.
Wow. This is really cool, I've been looking for an out of the box/no code SAAS development tool for quite some time. What type of SAAS products could be launched with this? Do you have a showcase yet, even if they're just examples built by yourselves?
This will be so helpful for my consulting agency! A few questions:

What integrations are available with this?

Do you offer the ability to white label this? So we can use own branding and domains etc?
Hi Matt,
Right now, we're working on Slack integration. What would you be expecting?

Also, custom domains are being worked on as well. :)
Which sections of your product use AI? Just curious!
When may this be launched? I love the idea!