Founder/CEO at https://t.co/QUAWQzld1c

Hello, BetaList world!

Zen here cofounder at ClosedWon.

My cofounders and I have been working very hard to bring you a special all-in-one platform Omni nurture sales workspace that will cruise control leads + smart engagements + warm conversations so you can focus on what matters most.

We hope you enjoy what we built.

Here's a short explainer video: https://youtu.be/OK0gBZAEWEQ for more context.

Thank you for supporting!

Hey @JoshHarcus! Thanks, bud. See you later. Looks like we got our call setup. Excited to connect with you and you already know, super grateful for your support!
@BetaList ^ Looks like a bug, can you delete the duplicate message?
@BetaList ^ Looks like a bug, can you delete the duplicate message?
Excited for PandaDoc to try us out as well. A/B test ClosedWon out and automate your Sales Meetings. Enterprise sales meetings right? ; ) We got you! Give my regards to everyone at PD by the way. If it wasn't for my experience at PD, I wouldn't be inspired to start ClosedWon. @ThePandaProphet
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so mucho mas more. @_vrshka
Me too! All the hard work, late nights, debates, discussions, journey is so much more fun with you and the team working so poetically like a Kendrick Lamar verse @CharElise
Awe, Erich thanks for supporting, @PatanaErich! Indeed. Baby steps.
Thanks, @TheRealBen15. Credit goes out to @Kaushikmacharl1. For us, it boils down to the future. The conventional wisdom is for an early-stage startup to require a lead gen software, an engagement platform, a calendar scheduler, and then a CRM to manage all the activities. For our small company, we wanted a platform that could do it all. That is why we built an end-to-end sales workspace that is lightweight enough for all types of entrepreneurs, to do it all. That's how we're different :) Yes, ClosedWon has a scheduler that streamlines qualified meetings.
@abdullaachilov благодарю вас, Abdulla! Hard work pays off. Teamwork = Dreamwork ;)
@Prabhu60292079 well, thanks for the re-pitch :)! We don't broadcast though. You got the idea right re: finding the right customers with lesser budget and yes, we do reduce the effort it takes to schedule outbound and inbound meetings.
@kiumwong Thanks, Kiu! Always happy to provide value! Let me know if there is anything else I can help with. You know I'm always at your service.
@failvres Startup works, Alberta! I think funded is for vc funded startups like Superhuman and Notion.so. I wouldn't have too much insight we are still in the middle of BetaLists' launch process. Feel free to email me and I'm happy to share best practices.
Exciting and cant wait to see you scale! Great work Michael and Eli. Rooting for you both.