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Hello Everyone, I am Alessandro Russo, 1 of the 2 founders of WebYourMind LTD and now SaaScriptions!! Feel free to call me Alex!. I am so glad to be here on betalist! We are still finalizing the initial beta, but we promise that we'll send out the first invites soon. So, what is that we are trying to achieve? Well, the idea comes from the fact that even if we are a relatively small company, we use (and pay for) a plethora of online services with recurring billing. You know, the classical "Pay and forget" approach. For example we pay to use amazing services like slack, hootsuite, hellosign, videoblocks, biteable, etc. etc. etc. up to 20+ SaaS products. So far so good, but believe me when I say that it's very hard to keep track of all of them and that more than a few times we end up forgetting about an automatic renewal or pay for software we no longer use.

That's why we are creating SaaScriptions. We want to provide a way to monitor and access to all of your SaaS products, and more widely all your online services charging you periodically, from a single dashboard, so you'll never end up again wasting money on something you don't need or forgetting that a renewal was due. Also, we want to make you able to do much more than that. But that's a story for another day :)

Any questions just shout!
Anyway I can help you, let me know! I am sure we can get plenty of great feedbacks from the betalist community! Help us improving!
@NadineNBone Hello Nadine! I understand your pain and I am very sorry that you had to waste money on unwanted services. As I mentioned, this is a problem that any online business has, especially when you are activating licenses to manage also client related services. I am so glad to have you in our list and as soon as we open the invites I'll make sure to touchbase with you! Thanks, Alessandro Russo

P.S. in the meantime, is there any chance you can support us by spreading the news?Thanks a lot!!
@WebYourMind Hello again Alessandro - I tweeted it earlier today and will share on my social media accounts :)
@SocialTycoons Thanks a lot for your comment! if you go on http://saascriptions.io and enter your mail we'll definitely invite you when we open beta and keep you posted on the progress. If you prefer not to enter your email on the website, no worries. I have added your address to the contact list ^_^