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Hi Ian, apologies for any confusion. We are London based so our first market is the UK. We do have in place agreements to launch in the U.S. as well about 3 months from launch. As an added feature our commission free share/stock dealing means we are also on par if not better than Robinhood.com! Pleases sign up to our email list for priority beta let's save you some money and get you on our platform!😊
We have also got a refferal contest to win the WealRo iWatch which just launched for all those who sign up from Betalist! 😊
@ianmayman It will indeed connect to bank accounts and these can be UK and U.S. we have two aggregation services signed up that cover the U.S. and UK.

Also noting your comment on Product Hunt for a similar product to us out of Y-Combinator and we will have a direct debit/standing mandate checking system that will automatically hunt down and cancel or downgrade any subscriptions you do not actively use, this such as Premium Netflix down to a normal one or recurring membership to magazines or websites you may have forgotten about. This will work across your current account and your credit cards as again our aggregation system pulls all of this into WealRo in realtime! 😊