Vita Vypovska


do things as you may do or may not

“Love what you do”

Probably many of us heard this word of wisdom a hundred times. And, the truth is that love is a fundamental core of anything. Because with love even sleepless nights in the choice decision turns into the source of inspiration rather than an energy vampire. With love tech junkies commit magic, not a crime. Now all of our teammates are super excited about being featured on Betalist! I’m so proud of everyone involved in Emma creation process and be a part of it. She is our smart girl. A perfect A.I. in authorship identification.

So, go, Emma! Go, go!

It’s just perfect for “lazy-bones” like me. I mean, editing is such a time-consuming process, and I’m always in a rush and in a hurry to get all the things done on time, so, literally, there’s no room in my schedule for making my photos look at least good. And here’s everything done for me. Gosh, thank you!
@VitaVypovska Thank you for your comments and support. This is what makes us go forward!