Online Billing and Invoicing Software for Service Providers. VatPay will help you organize your business in one place.

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for taking a look at VatPay. We deep some deep research and found out there's really no Billing and Invoicing solution targeting the service provider industry. That's why we created VatPay. Feel free to reach out to us on here or from

We are launching on Monday January 4th 2021 but the beta testing program has already starting. Visit to beta test VatPay. We are really excited to get feedback from the Betalist community.

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Hi @ScottFinneran1 ,
Thanks for your respond and that's a really good question. Service Industry is a large industry that includes various services like warehousing and transportation services, information services, securities and other investment services, professional services, waste management, health care and social assistance, arts, entertainment, and recreation services. This is very large industry and there is no software that can cover an industry that large. That's why we created VatPay based on feedback we got from our original office 365 (Now Microsoft 365) app called Sleek Invoice. VatPay is designed to serve only B2B Service Providers.

A Service Provider is one of several categories of the service industry in the business world. We primarily serve the IT Managed Service providers. Our target customers are small IT firms making less $500K a year. A perfect example will be Computer Services Unlimited. Its an IT service firm based in Owings Mills, Maryland with 8-employees. Most Billing Softwares target large companies because they can afford to pay all the additional features as add-on. You sign up for a $19.99/month plan and shortly after you are paying $499.99/month.

With VatPay, you get Subscription Billing, Online Invoice Payments, Expense & Receipts Management, Project Management, Team Collaboration and Time Tracking (Timesheet tool) for a low fee. I hope I was able to answer your question. Again we really appreciate your feedback.