Introducing Vaulteq. The revolution in passwords.

Keychain is a tool to store (for example) passwords locally on Apple devices, Apple provides users with iCloud to share Keychain in order to enable them to use Keychain on all devices. Storing your passwords locally on a Smartphone or PC is not safe, also it is not safe to store passwords in the cloud. Keeping your passwords in a cloud-based manager is replacing one security problem with another. That’s why we made Vaulteq. We designed it to be your own personal vault for your passwords, digital wallet, and vital records. Now, you don’t have to worry about where your passwords and crucial information are stored or how secure they are in the cloud - they’re all stored with military grade security in your Vaulteq, sitting in your home. We want to simplify how you do passwords while keeping your vital information safe, secure, and accessible to you.
The Vaulteq app is also integrated with TouchID on top of our own 2 Factor Authentication for extra security.