Tim Schmidbauer


I help startups to validate their critical assumptions, sharpen the business case and ultimately generate traction. https://t.co/4UbRkbOZ48

I betalist community!

This is my first product that I launch here on this platform.

🤔 The Problem

Publishing valuable content on LinkedIn is hard. To find out what content drives results is even harder. To do this based on valid data is nearly impossible (unless you spend hours manually going through your posts - I’ve done it - it sucks).

⚒️ Our Solution - inlytics.io
1. Make LinkedIn posts stats trackable
2. Make insights visible so that you invest focus on content production, not data-science
3. Make it usable for Teams and Agencies (Group-Dashboards)

➕ Additional features that have been implemented:
- Share your insights with other users, collaborate on content production
- CSV Export your data
- See who views your post (US, India… Founder, Sales Person… Amazon, SAP…)
- A Scheduling tool to draft, preview, and, publish your posts on LI

👉 "Spend less time analyzing and more producing what matters

Feedback, ideas, and feature requests are appreciated!

- Tim 👋