Thanks for all of the signups guys! I'm here answering any questions you may have!

Great question! I don't think we can claim we are better than LinkedIn, especially when we are in Beta. LinkedIn is great!

We believe we are very different than LinkedIn though. LinkedIn dives into deep detail of your life's resume, including everything you've ever done. It makes it easy for recruiters and companies to see what experience you have.

Fount is aimed for entrepreneurs! While we value what you've done, we want to see what you're going to create and accomplish. Especially when any entrepreneurial resource is just a click away!

We've also noticed there are many skill sets people identify themselves with, that are not reflected on their Linkedin. We aim to give users the opportunity to shine in these areas, especially one's they are passionate about.

I'd love for you to test Fount out and let us know what you think!
@inscoopapp Great question! Geo-tags are in use. We display the city and state (or country if you're outside of the U.S.) in each profile. The app works to optimal functionality with location services enabled. Our algorithm does take into account who's currently closest to you, but you can also filter by location if you choose to with our "Need Feed!" After you sign up, please let us know what you think. And if you're looking for something in particular we will help in any way we can!
@ejsdrummer Wow! Another great question. I'm going to assume you're a musician. I have never been musically gifted but I can imagine how difficult it must be to bring attention to a band. The first thing I think of is the awesome band posters that are on light poles. You could find a graphic designer on our platform to make those posters. Once you have the graphic design work done and sent, you could find a social media specialist or growth hacker on our platform to promote your next show online. Every singer or band has got to have a place to house their music. You can find an awesome web designer on our platform to make you a great website! Not to mention we have a couple of people that are in the entertainment industry on the platform already. We look at musicians as entrepreneurs as well!
@Travel4OrWine Hey! Thanks for the question. Currently you have to login with your personal Facebook account so we can verify you are a real person! That way we keep our platform clean and effective! We are currently working on allowing you to login directly with your business Facebook page though. You can however change your name on our platform to the name of your business!
We have a few ideas in regard to monetization but currently we are focusing on building a product that people love! We are also working on advertising space within the app that applies to companies that fit in our entrepreneurship mentality!