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Hi everyone 👋

We're beyond excited to give everyone access to Neat.

We built Neat to solve one problem: we were shipping code slowly because we missed review requests. To streamline, we set up GitHub notifications in a Slack channel. It worked, but polluted a communication space with minute details.

So we built Neat! Neat pings you for GitHub notifications that need your attention, then puts the rest in your macOS menu bar. You preview comments without opening a new tab, then reply or copy the link. All in one click or keystroke.

Sometimes your workflow demands marking a notification as unread, or pinning an important one for later. Neat offers these and we continue to ship 1-2 releases a week.

All data is stored on your computer. We only record errors and measure engagement.

Use Neat for free and join our community: a group of founders, developers, and tech leads. I'm really excited to share the product with you and would love to answer any questions.