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@marckohlbrugge Hi Marc, thanks for your comment. Our beta program allows you to:

* monitor influencers/people you work with: This allows you to see when they are posting what on Instagram Stories. The stories will be saved permanently and you could do various queries on that - e.g. time-based, location-based, or content-based. And we even support OCR which means that you could search for "BMW" to see all IG Stories that show a BMW car.

* You want to monitor your own brand and/or your competitors to see what they are publishing on Instagram Stories.

Your mentioned case of monitoring *all* mentions on Instagram Stories will be possible at a later point.

Cheers, Tom from Storyclash
@DanRagan Hi Dan, sounds great. Simply fill out the form right here and one of our product specialists will reach out to you for a demo session:

Cheers, Tom