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Hey everyone! Please note that the code above doesn't work anymore. You can apply a code HELLO to get 20% OFF your first month.

Our system od dozens of AI algos picks trades for you on daily basis and analyzes stocks in your portfolio to give you actionable hints when to lock profits to maximize gains over time.

We’ve been developing and using our algorithms for more than a year now but we’ve decided to take it to another level. At the same time it turned out that such a tool fits many people out there that don’t have much time to sit in front of charts all day. At this point our goal is simple. We’re opening access to the app for a fixed number of users at a cost of pretty cheap monthly subscription. The number of users that we have in mind will be relatively small.

The funds we receive will be distributed into daily service maintenance (20%) and heavily reinvested into our AI engineering (80%) which is very costly at the scale we want to be at. At the end of the day, our team and app subscribers will be able to enjoy awesome experience and gains coming from the AI suggestions while crowdfunding the development that will benefit us all in the community on daily basis and long-term.
@demattia both Android and IOS ;)