Stacy Williams


Project coordinator at Experian Tech.

All features are useful and nicely coded. No slowdown at all. The visual insights are truly business savior meaning you understand the business logic, opportunities for your targeted prospectus. In all, this online CRM software is capable of doing anything that you think in favor of your business. Synchronization for all, easy of doing marketing for all and it allows every member of our team to be on the same page and seamlessly take over as access management if someone has to be out of the office. The information flow between the client and the team is smooth and fast. You can take and compare it with all giant out there, it's a bit advanced when it comes to premium features and cost basis. The tool has got plenty of cool tool-tip suggestions for a new user and a full stack of support articles and video explanations for anyone who is trying to achieve their business goals or something good with the help of Simply. Features such as separate dashboards, GANTT charts for projects, Visual Pipeline (KANBAN) for sales & processes make it stand alone in the crowd. Simply comes with 24/7 local support i.e. support in your local language, it's available 24 / 7 – all year round and fanatical support – and of course free for a full month as a first month trial for all premium features!