Simplifying #socialmedia for professionals and entrepreneurs. Save hours each week and improve workflow with categorised content schedules. Currently in #beta!

Simon - you may want to change the wording a little - it's *rather* close to Edgar's home page... just saying...

- Choose Your Posting Schedule
Tell us when you want to post what.
Do you want to tweet something from '#mondaymorning' every Monday at 10am? We got ya. Share something from 'Fun Stuff' every Friday around 5pm? Consider it done.

- Create a posting schedule
Tell Edgar what types of updates to share at which times. Want him to tweet something from the “Blog links” category every Tuesday at 10 am? Done. Want him to post a Facebook update from your “Hilarious memes” category every Friday night at 6? Challenge accepted!

P.S. Disclosure - I'm the founder of SmarterQueue, launching next month - we have Categories, Evergreen Recycling, Content Curation, Competitor Analysis, and much, much more.
@SmarterQueue thanks for the comment mate. Updating the homepage + text is def. on the agenda, just not a priority right now.

Yours looks pretty slick as well. I guess competition is a good thing, makes everybody involved up their game :)