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Hi everyone! 👋

Great to see Sigmetic being featured here on BetaList.

If you are curious about taking developer productivity to the next level, then keep an I on Sigmetic 😎
We're planning on launching in beta within the upcoming weeks.

Currently, we run an initial offer where you can get a forever-free account by joining the whitelist on our webpage. We do this because we really care about the feedback from our first set of adopters 🧡
So please consider signing up.

If you have any question, feel free to comment below, or reach on Twitter:
@KarthikeyanPon9 Hi Karthikeyan! I'm really happy to hear that 😊

We just opened Sigmetic for anyone to join, completely free of charge:
@fortysevenfx I'm very happy to hear that! 🙏😁
Let me know if any questions arise.
I love this idea!
It's hilarious - I was cracking up when I read this. But after a minute it hit me that this makes perfect sense 😁

Being a Tinder warrior myself some years back, and really preoccupied with efficiency, I definitely see how this could have potential 🤘