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#TenaciousMarketer blending online #Marketing tactics with Social Science theory. Using #DigitalPsychology to influence online #conversions and optimise #UX. 👊

No issue with a secure connection here 👉🏽

I have been looking for a reputable B2B tool exactly like this for ages, thanks @AndeloBrzoja 😎. Look forward to utilising the 3 free credits. Have you thought of allowing users to buy credit bundles of 5 or 10 credits at a time? Just a thought as it is a big financial jump from the free to paid versions, with paid also requiring a monthly commitment. In Australian dollars for example the first paid tier when converted is about $63AUD today for 40 credits a month. Being a bootstrapped startup I will struggle to make the monthly financial commitment and perhaps unable to justify the 'need' or value to me right now, to be honest. However, a credit bundle offer (esp for launch) or user pay as you go payment structure would be ideal. Particularly given your buyer persona I'm assuming is predominantly in the startup or SME groups where money-out has to be justified to the hilt and then analysed against a predictive ROI.

Just some food for thought Andelo, I'm certain you have been very careful with choosing your pricing structures. I will definitely bookmark Targeting Hero for the future.

Great work! 🤗
Awesome @isaacmeedinaa! 😎 are gold, I love that there are so many uses for them outside of the Facebook and Instagram platforms. I've started building my first card, a rookie effort at this stage 👉🏽 I plan to utilise the card whenever and wherever possible when finished editing. A question though - what are the recommended image sizes for the profile cover image and within cards? It'd be fantastic to provide a marketplace and further customization features. Way to go, Isaac! 💯 I look forward to seeing grow for you, I'm in. 🤗
This is a great tool. Hoping you are planning to create further ways to customise pages and category pages. Awesome tool for conspirators too. 😎
Koalendar is awesome, truly a wicked FREE version and only too happy to leave a Chrome Web Store review for the extension. This is a much needed calendar scheduling tool, great for the bootstrapping community. Congratulations on your launch Victor, and thank you! 💯
Awesome - exactly what I have been looking for, thanking you. 🙏🏽