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Thanks to everyone who is trying out the beta for SOSeo! I hope you're enjoying it. I know it's not perfect, yet--so your feedback (any and all) is very much welcome and appreciated! [email protected]
@publicdoename I completely understand your concerns about security! The site does use the new SSL standard when entering from the https domain (https://www.GoSOSeo.com). No passwords are stored on the server, only encrypted hash values, and all payment information (not relevant during the beta, but when it goes live) is handled through Stripe (https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe). I hope that addresses your concerns, but if there are other assets that are important that I didn't mention, it's important to look into those, as well!

Admittedly, pages are not encrypted. It's possible to encrypt all the pages on the server and have them decrypted successfully for the user's browser experience, but the site is about creating web web pages to post on blogs and have them discovered--hopefully by thousands of people, so encrypting pages didn't seem necessary.

This is interesting, though. I'm curious what your use-case for the site/service is. Maybe there could and should be an extra feature for users that want their pages encrypted.

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