Randy Hereman


Former professional kite surfer and online poker player. Now starting my life as an entrepreneur and content and brand strategist.

I'm always looking for new project management tools to review for my YouTube Channel (The Young Human).

Looking forward to try this!
Looks cool. I would love to do a review for my YouTube channel. @Anton, i'll shoot you a message soon! :-)
That looks like the future! :-) Awesome! Will do an app review very soon @goosterapp
@RandyHereman Thanks for the kind words! Would love to hear your thoughts :)
3 free dashboards... I'll bite! Review coming soon on The Young Human (YouTube)
@RandyHereman Thanks :) Looking forward to :)
I'm not at a stage in my business that this is handy for me to use but I'll write it down and review it one day when I feel like it could be of value.

Good luck on your startup!
Trello is one of my favorite tools right now. Thanks!
Exciting to see! Looking forward to dive into this and make a review.
@RandyHereman Thanks Randy ! Let me know if you want to jump on a call and more than happy to take you quickly through the app.
@get2vikasjha Cool! Will def do that! will message you guys soon! :-)
@get2vikasjha Cool! Will def do that! will message you guys soon! :-)