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I use a Midori, but I am considering getting a MIXIW as well. (Paper addiction!) It looks really nice and I like being able to customise the contents.
Unlike my colleague @Marckohlbrugge ;), I actually own a few tarot decks. Very curious about the development, have already shared it with a few friends.
@RPISH Any interesting predictions about BetaList? 😁
@marckohlbrugge I'll give you a short one, because I am a card reader. ^_^ The future of Betalist, in a couple of words, sounds like this: The 9 of Cups is one of the most uplifting and pleasant cards to receive in a reading. The appearance of this card is usually a portent of happiness, and good things about to come. Good luck that it hadn't counted on. As this card is a very powerful positive harbinger, it speaks well of your finances, also.
Looks very interesting! Especially for content creators on platforms such as Youtube, to give another dimension to their videos.
@RPISH Hi! Thx for your opinion :) I agree with you completely. We're developing next-generation camera to bring experience to higher level!
Looking forward to see how this can increase my overview and productivity for the Marketing dept.
@marckohlbrugge Looks very interesting for personal branding, and for campaigns. Like the UI!
Love this initiative! Fashion should be more sustainable and this is a good example. :)
@RPISH Thanks, Rabia! There are so many opportunities for fashion to be more sustainable and we are so happy to be one of them!
Looks interesting as an internal communication tool, will you be adding example screens soon?
Looks like fun! What inspired you to make a gamified messenger like this?
Looks very interesting, how strict is the admission process?
@RPISH Hey Rabia, applications get reviewed by 5 people who all create in different mediums ranging from music to web design. I know for a fact we all look for great attitudes, but at the moment we are only letting in 20 people at a time to make sure we help build real connections.
@marckohlbrugge I really like seeing more of these kind of initiatives in my hometown! Will definitely pop by, got exited seeing this when reviewing.
cc @popicesclub
I've signed up! Will be keeping an eye out 0_0
@RPISH Cool! Hope to see at a Popice soon :D
@joshbarkin We've noticed the spammer and deleted the comment. You can always send us a message if you notice one.
Sent an email! I can't wait to switch, really need a good versatile cal-app in my life.
We'll add you to the next batch of invites.
it looks great! I tried signing up today, unfortuantely you are US only.
Are you planning to expand to other countries as well?
I’ve signed up, can’t wait to test this out !
@RPISH, thanks for your help testing Mug Life!