Hey everyone, Luis, co-founder of Apidaze and maker of Ottspott.co here!

We're thrilled to announce our beta today. Ottspott addresses a major pain point felt by businesses across the world, which is setting up a kickass business phone system. They’re complicated to set up, expensive to manage and require the user to tie themselves in to contracts and hardware. Despite this, change is in the air as phone systems are quickly becoming an outdated way to communicate. Many employees don’t have offices now. They might work remotely or in different timezones so they need light systems that will geographically scale quickly to suit where their employees and clients are. Tools like Slack have allowed this collaborative way of working to become mainstream, paving the way for businesses to get rid of multiple SaaS platforms by using integrations. Ottspott embraces this change and allows you to easily stay close to your clients while still feeding your team’s Slack addiction. With Ottspott, you are able to launch phone calls, conference calls, listen to your voice mails inside Slack, and many other cool features. No complex coding, manual user management, no expensive phone sets, and no app switching between Slack and your cloud phone solution: it allows you to work globally but communicate locally. And it’s a perfect addition for « Calls on Slack » which is ideal for internal team calls, while Ottspott will manage your inbound and outbound calls for sales, customer service or HR.
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I’ve been using Voxist since 1 year and it’s really super useful. Callers get a custom welcome message and have a much better experience than on a classic carrier voicemail. And on my side I get transcriptions which are super useful when I am in meetings or can’t answer the phone. Great to filter spam calls as well.