@LauTwits Hi Lau, thanks very much for taking the time to comment. It's really great to get feedback, especially when it's so positive! Our mission is to give something back to the consumer so we're hoping that both brands and their fans will benefit from QuiltLife. If you like you can sign up to our site and we'll notify you when we launch (we won't spam you I promise).
@QuiltLifeApp Hi Rupert i've been thinking of your App, having the Ad in the wallpaper its a quite privacy balanced situation since if I'd do that by changing my ringtone people would call me "spammer", there can be a third way between this private and spammer channels we can talk about it via twitter or ask for my email via pm.
@QuiltLifeApp do not bother yourself by contacting me privately if you're to busy, i'll share it here when i'll return from mini vacations :D