Starting from Zero

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Hey guys! I'd love to share a little more about Juice Case.

When hunting for a battery case for my iPhone, I found most of them to be thick, ugly bricks. Long extended sections at the bottom, weird half sided protection, not Lightning cable friendly, and just not something that aligns with the sleek design of the iPhone. So I set out on my own mission, and Juice Case is the result.

It had to:
- Be as slim as possible yet offer decent battery capacity
- Offer all-sided protection
- Work with original Lightning cable only
- Be lightweight and no longer than a regular phone case

Juice Case is:
- Thin: just 12mm (adding 5mm to your naked iPhone)
- Slim: no extended bottom (think Apple Smart Battery Case, and Mophie) and lightweight (70g 6/6S and 80g 6 Plus/6S Plus)
- Powerful: 2500mAh (6/6S) and 3000mAh (6 Plus/6S Plus)
- Affordable: $45 (including free shipping)
- Smart: 100% Lightning cable compatible (although Juice Case is not yet MFi certified)

I think we've achieved what we set out to (although I am biased :) We're launching Juice Case for iPhone 6/6S & 6/6S Plus on Indiegogo soon, with Juice Case for iPhone 7 not far off prototype phase.

I'd love to hear what you think.


This really looks fantastic :) Well done! Looking forward to having a play with the app, even though I'm in South Africa. I'm presuming that it will be predominantly for the US market yes?