Phong Thieu


Founder of Lab Forty Six. Currently at Adeptmind disrupting local commerce using artificial intelligence. Ex-(IBM|Qualcomm|AMD).

Hi All,

Task Reminder (formerly Link Reminder) was designed to:
- Reduce turn-around time on ad-hoc tasks by 10x
- Eliminate awkward back-and-forth entirely.

You know, those tasks where you have a discussion with your teammate and you think "yeah, we should totally do that", then you forget about it? Yeah that happens way too much.

We have been testing this concept out privately at companies like IBM and now it's FREE to install for everyone on Slack.

We want this to actually be helpful to your Slack workspace, so let us know if there's anything missing or how we can make Task Reminder even better!

Thanks for your time checking out the app, I'll be available to answer any questions here!