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The idea is great but the landing page suddenly highlights people to connect their accounts, you can tweak that a little bit, because some people when they suddenly see the big buttons asking for connecting their social profiles, might panic:) And I don't even see about page, how it works (I know its very simple) but still, matter of trust. Just my two cents. You can ask that in a subtle way.
@Pavan_Belagatti Thanks for the feedback.

What more information would you like to see? Like you say the service is pretty straightforward so I'm not sure what else to explain.
@marckohlbrugge think its totally fine and even user-friendly to have the oAuth buttons there. makes setup instant.
The site doesn't open at all. Looks like a scam. This is how exactly businesses fail.
Very hard to understand what's happening there.
But the tools responds very slow:)
The website is not opening.
website is down, not opening.