Ovi Negrean


Founder @SocialBeeHQ 🐝 - Get More Leads from Social Media + Learn How to Start a Startup 🚀 https://t.co/783gdacAMM + #Startup advisor + @getnuggetapp

Nice! I can see this working really well when coupled with Zapier.
@OviNegrean right now we work with Fieldbook. They are going to launch an integration with Zapier in a couple of weeks.
Stunning website + great feature set. Can't wait to try it :)
Oh.. and you almost caught my b-day in the screenshot.
@OviNegrean Thank you!
The application will be released very soon. Hope the app will be useful to you.
Don't over-engineer this, Keyul. Just build it as a newsletter / blog first to get is going quick!
As a lifelong learner, I love how you make teams learn together!
@pokrparty Thanks for your comment, Harry! Happy we could help :)
We've used Stiki from its early days, and our team could not live without it!
@OviNegrean Thanks Ovi! We're glad to have you as an early user!