Nishchit Dhanani


Founder @JSbotHQ, @trailsjs core team | Love #photography #codding #javascript

I have just tried it, it looks so innovative in logo design. Super awesome, thank you for the great work.
Amazing, Congratulations Guys.

Any plan for the Android platform?
How much time you'll be as a beta?

One feedback, you can put all the use-cases/templates of this application's features. thank you.
@Nishchit14 Thanks a ton Nishchit, apologies we couldn't respond earlier. We will be off-beta in 2 days. We will absolutely do add use-cases and templates. Thanks for pointing out.
Udit, looks promising. will give it a try with our marketing team.
Great, it's really good idea. I'll be using it for our weekly meeting/session with team of 5-10.