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Собираю грибы

Thanks for this information, as far as I know Botsify is a platform for people and businesses that can create their own smart chatbots without knowing the programming language. One area of ​​education where chatbots may soon take a serious niche is language learning. Compared to traditional language learning software, chatbots are much more flexible and adaptable. They react differently depending on the answer given by the user, given the different options, just like in real-life dialogues. After all, there are many different ways to answer questions, and bots even “take the first step” if a student gets stuck in a conversation. I gathered this information from videos on YouTube in which the authors talk about modern methods of learning foreign languages. I found a couple of hundred of these videos there and noticed that on average they had almost 40 thousand views! I'm sure that's because. that their authors used the services of https://viplikes.net/ to quickly increase the number of views.