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Seems cool. Does it leverages fb pixel/messenger api ?
@NashGunjal Yes it does, Messengerify deeply integrates with Facebook Messenger API
Price Vs value lol. I will offer special price to our beta testers so how do you feel if I give platinum package for price of gold in exhange for your feedback ?
@NashGunjal I tend to agree - the pricing seems a tad bit off. If you're going for the higher end market, you likely want to create some integrations with enterprise/corporate tooling to service that clientele better. Without that, you're tapping into a more "amateur" market and $600 a year feels like it may be missing the mark. I'll reach out separately.
E.T. Sure, I understand your point. Currently everything including price is part of testing. I'll be open to looking into cost structure vs pricing details after beta as I learn more about what's costing more and where price can be reduced to provide max value to clients. I can be reached at @nashgunjal.
Will it work if someone makes grammatical mistake ? what about supporting non-english natives ?
@NashGunjal we auto complete based on your service options so we make it very hard to make a grammatical mistake. We are looking into supporting non-english natives