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@ianmayman We feel your logging-in-logging-out pain! Hold tight though - we will be in touch with your preview of Shift (via email) very soon. Can't wait to hear your feedback once you've had a chance to try it out!
@SpenBennett Glad you're enjoying Shift so far, and thanks for your questions. Our customers' privacy and security is a very important topic! We ensure that all information and data that goes through Shift (often referred to as network traffic) is encrypted. All emails, contacts and messages are stored locally on your computer, which means that none of your information is shared with any third-parties.

Finally, Google grants access to your account(s) using OAuth. This authentication happens directly between you and Google. Shift in no way intercepts or tampers with this process.

As for the integrations you mentioned, you can access all of your Google apps directly through Shift. If you are in Drive, and click on the 'My Drive' dropdown for that account, you can then switch over to Docs, Sheets, or Slides or connect other apps directly.

Hopefully this helps! Please feel free to reach out directly at any time as well - we are also available through [email protected] for support.
Hey everyone! Just a heads up that Shift Pro is now live, with some exciting new features (+ support for Outlook!). Check us out on Product Hunt for all the details :)
Hello again! Just wanted to help address these concerns and help answer any questions around it. First off, security is #1 for us; in fact, we wrote a nice little blog about it to help lay out exactly how we ensure that all Shift customers' information is private and secure ( As this describes, we use oAuth to ensure that Google, and Google only, can grant access to our customers' email account(s). To clarify, the issue brought up above relates to the support portal, which is completely separate from the Shift application. Several weeks ago, given the feedback we above, we took the steps to close it off completely, and ensure that no Q&A around support is visible to anyone but the sender and our team. We apologize for any confusion, and appreciate your open feedback!
Hey BetaListers! Believe it or not, we've got another big update for you. Shift 2.0 just launched, and we've added Unified Search, Chrome Extensions, Google Services, and much more. Check it out here ->