Max Weisbrod


Operations guy. Founder @heybaton; quality control and seamless delegation for complex operations work.


While running operations at an early stage startup, I noticed two huge pain points:

1) Tension forms between Operations and Product, where they compete to prioritize engineering time (streamlining operations to reduce churn versus adding new features that increase growth)

2) Managing dozens or hundreds of freelancers is completely untenable. It takes way too long to find the right people, and sharing context over and over makes it cheaper to just do internal hires. Quality control is also entirely manual. The Freelancer Management Systems on the market don't solve these problems.

Baton is Done For You solution built around an Open Source core. We build out processes, templates, and standards around whatever materials and documentation you happen to have on-hand, extending where necessary. We then run those processes on our platform, and can even source, train, and manage workers to fulfill your work for you, if you like.

And if you want to stop using the service, the core logic can be exported and run self-hosted!

Would love to get your thoughts, questions, and feedback here. Or DM me on twitter @Mweisbrod