Sebastian Ferreira


Hi, nice to meet you. I'm a sort of vegan and coffee enthusiasm. Oh, and I also design for a living. I usually write, check my notes down below.

I'm open to hear any question you have about Squire.
This is a really cool idea, it's a shame it wasn't made before.
@MrFerrius Hey Sebastian! Thanks for liking Kareerly. Just wanted to let you know that we have officially launched. Come check out the site and let us know what you think!
@ADL_COSMIC I plan to monetise with a tri-monthly subscription
@ADL_COSMIC Sure, the demo would be available somewhere between January and February.
@ADL_COSMIC Just wondering, what's wrong with a tri monthly subscription?
Sabastian ..There is nothing wrong with it...But Are you Restricting your self to your country or coming up with world wide operation ...and How Are you Getting the Datas into your Database ...are you Consideration Data Entered From Freelancer as a Start point for your data base or do you people have a database already updated ...
@ADL_COSMIC That's not the kind of who are you I asked. I mean, why you so interested on details like my business model and that?