Austin Jackson


Entrepreneur. Princeton 2015.

You know what sucks? Investing weeks and months of time learning new things, only to forget most of them a few months later. At school this manifests itself in the form of head-scratching with friends, as you wonder what stuck form a class a few months after exam. At work, it could be a 10x insight that never came because the knowledge that would prompt it slipped away. Knowledge that isn't used right away is usually lost, even if it could be helpful later. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's seeing hard hard-earned human potential going to waste.

I created Zipnote to be an EASY fix to that pesky forgetting problem, and we are finally in beta! The concept is simple - it's a notebook that turns notes into knowledge. While most notebooks collect dust, we create mini-review playlists from notes at the right time to help lock in all those hard-earned brain gains. Sign up today, and turn your notes into knowledge with us!