melanie k


Founder of @reKindness, Mom of Anthony and Human of Sammy the cat

reKindness was inspired by a "give one, take one" clothes swap that I was invited to by coworkers. A few of my favorite things about clothes swapping:
1. You can inexpensively try out new styles and step out of your comfort zone with little risk.
2. It feels great to see what you don't want/need anymore find a new owner that loves it.
3. It creates opportunities for giving and gratitude because you are both a giver and a receiver...which has been scientifically proven to be linked to creating happiness.
We are a for profit business, but we strive to be a social enterprise that puts as much emphasis on creating good in the world as we do making money. We believe that by making redistribution and reuse easier, together we can help reduce the 21 billion pounds of textiles that go to US landfills every year.
Thanks for checking out, reKindness! If you like it- be sure to tell a friend! and if you don't, be sure to tell us why :)
@RPISH Thanks, Rabia! There are so many opportunities for fashion to be more sustainable and we are so happy to be one of them!
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