What is RosterBuddy?

RosterBuddy is a tool to make your life easier.
It is website which creates a chore roster every week for your household. It automatically and fairly allocates chores to each team member, and manages the reminding for you. Everyone in the household can see the status at any time

What does it do?

RosterBuddy will automatically generate a chore schedule for your household every week. It will allocate work evenly to each member of the household, taking into account the size of each task, being one of small, medium or large. Overall workload fairness is the goal. If any reminders are required, RosterBuddy will send those for you.

Who is it for?

RosterBuddy is for any group of people who want to automate the allocation of chores. This could be Roommates, Families, Flatmates, or any shared housing situation where you want chore management to be easier.

Why would I want it?

Allocating work then chasing people up, is boring, repetitive, and can cause stress in a household. RosterBuddy can take over that role for you. No more pestering or awkward conversations. No more asking if jobs have been done. Everyone in the household knows work was allocated fairly. Everyone can see the status of all jobs from their device at any time.

What does it cost?

The FREE plan if FREE :)
The Paid plan is $1.99 USD per month per household. Only the Team Administrator in a house needs a paid plan, and up to 10 team members are included for free. Click on Pricing in the header menu for details.

Who is it free for?

It is free to use for everyone in the household who isn't the paying Team Admin. Only one paid account is required per household.

How do I access it?

RosterBuddy is available at https://RosterBuddy.app

What if I'm unavailable temporarily?

Your team admin can mark you as unavailable, for example if you are sick or away. This means you won't be allocated any tasks. You can still see the full list and have the option to mark tasks as complete if required.

Can I do a chore that has been allocated to someone else?

Sure thing. You can toggle the view to show everyones tasks. If you have done someone a favour by doing their chore for them, just mark it as complete, and everyones view will be updated.

What is a Chore?

A chore is a task that needs regularly doing in a household. It may vary by size or difficultly, which is represented in RosterBuddy by Small, Medium or Large. It may also vary by how often it needs doing, for example you may want the vacuuming to be done weekly, but cleaning the windows to be done monthly.

What is a Roster?

A Roster is a list of chores that should be completed by a group of people within a certain timeframe, for example weekly.