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@circlyapp At Marimba, you can organize all the information as easy as ABC with pad. If you drag/drop an object into pad, it will be automatically organized.
Also we’ve got this powerful ‘animoji’.😍👍 During video call, animoji can help your communication better! You know we need little cuteness sometimes. :)
Anything you want to know more about Marimba?
@staflow Hi ewok! Thanks for your reply and we'd like to add some words.

Compared to Miro, Marimba is easier to give the impression of organized documents.
Usually a whiteboard can be freely distributed but it's so easy to get messy, right?
And this may has caused a trouble in which it's used narrowly in the early stages of the project and then cannot be used again.
We thought it was a problem that people may go through documentation in other tools: such as Google Slides, not in whiteboard-based collaboration tool.

To overcome this difficulties, we introduced "pad" that we are emphasizing.
Marimba pad makes it easy and convenient to organize objects. It can be used as a page on Wiki or a Google Slides document.

At Miro, when organizing frames into grids, they are integrated into one simple grids regardless of the size or character of the objects.
At Marimba, on the other hand, can stack text boxes and images like making structures with blocks; pen-drawing and shapes can be freely placed in any location within the pad.

Based on this, our difference is that the process from divergence to convergence can be carried out all together on the board.
Hope this can clarify your question. :)