Michael Makijenko


CEO & Digital Strategist at Visual Composer. A multidisciplinary guy who loves to be in every stage of the process and deliver only the best.

@nalakath Thank you! Your feedback is much appreciated.
I will pass all the nice feedback to the entire team! Thank you @BetaList for such a warm welcoming.
@coolmann wow! Incredible stats! Keep it up!
@bobricardo Visual Composer love Brazil! :)
@Ryuka_bass Thanks! Yes, this is something that we plan to work on soon. You can join developers waiting list here https://goo.gl/4bnLnt
@goseki Thank you for such a high valuation!
@247Hway Thank you! One thing we know for sure - it's just the beginning. We have some many ideas to develop and deliver.
@petr_the_fox Thank you! We are about to release more amazing features!
@Pollmannfoto1 More professional templates and content elements are on the way.
@fur_qan1 Thank you for your nice words!
@WSUK_Official We are glad that you are enjoying it and saving your time.