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I'm with ElWoodP. Comparing yourself to the Ghost Platform is an absolute joke. Ghost is a non-profit, full-featured CMS, with excellent, top-notch support and community behind it. You can experience the value from start to finish with Ghost.

Notion is the same. Excellent platform backed by an awesome community and support.

Notion Hosting - the thing *you* are doing feels like a lame money grab with no real understanding of the community you are pretending to help. You don't even have the good graces to come up with a brand name that doesn't infringe on IP you don't own.

I've set up self-hosted Notion and there are a number of problems, especially on mobile views - problems *you* can't solve because you don't own the platform.

You've taken what could have been a great goodwill gesture to the Notion community and turned it into some lame business experiment. I hope Notion HQ shuts this down or at least forces you to change the name so it doesn't infringe on their property.